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02 July, 2011

to you my love

hi bloggie,
i'm here to share a little...

once upon a time,
flizy got to know yummy on an occasion
after hanging out together, she finds this person very humorous
one day, a thought popped into her mind
so she told smally about this funny dude
and cant wait to intro the both of them to each other

flizy keeps storytelling about yummy
and smally will just listen and nod because she doesn't know who the heck is he
and so one day, yummy bought souvenirs for everyone, including smally whom he hasn't met
she is surprised, yet it makes her feel up and down too :)

yummy and smally started talking on FB, the INfamous social network site
i reckon many friendship, relationship, long lost relatives or friends were made/reunited there too
until the day the both of them got to meet each other in person
first impression... hmm friendly.. cute.. lansi too LOL
although it's a short one (it's X'mas eve!)
but finally, met in person :)

the next day, someone suggested to head up to the mountain for fresh air
so ended up flizy and boyfie, yummy and smally made their move before 12am
because it was smally's bday the next day!
smally was extremely happy because she received a korean bday song with choc cake <3 *surprise*
not forgetting the small lil red hat clip :D
awwww so sweeeeet xoxo

that's not the end of the story obviously...
with that it enters the bubble of friendship, and so hang out gets more frequent

oh yeah, flizy has been bugging smally to go for trip with the rest
but the fact that only yummy and smally are both not attached
would it be awkward? will it be fun?
after endless of bugging everyday, smally decided to join the fun
in results, smally got to know yummy better,
with yummy showing affections which doesn't appear to be affection to smally
she didn't take him too seriously,
well, the friendship was still FRESH wurt

at the end of the trip,
everyone had fun and slowly, it became a six person outing
the rest was helping yummy to patch the both of them up
made smally doesn't know how to react at times
but yummy's concern and gentleness have slowly struck smally's heart
the sprout slowly develops as time goes...

until one day,
*tada* it grows into a bean sprout! :)
a happy beginning... and will be a happy ending! <3

but lately...
i made so much mistakes that upset him...
i always fail and disappoint people whom are close to me, whom i love
that's the worst part of me, i have to seriously take action on it

[lum yu min aka lum mee]

he's a gem, a keeper, one in a million
i'm so so so lucky to have met this special one
it's him that is so unlucky to have met me, a stupid girl
who always make him so upset, so angry, so worried

i love you baby, with all my heart
thank you for appearing in my life,
thank you for being patient with me,
thank you for always being there for me no matter where i am
thank you for holding on no matter what happens
thank you for being sucha SPECIAL one to me

also, SORRY for everything that i've done
sorry won't repay what i've done
but i promised to not make the same mistake and learn from it

yours truly

posted by yiNz aT 8:56 PM | 0 mUaCkS~

20 July, 2010

I'm no longer a big fan of twilight saga, yayyy* and I don't understand how does she fell for two at the same time...

something that I've read ages ago...

A Reason, A Season, A Lifetime

People come into your life for a reason, a season, a lifetime
When you figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do

When someone is in your life for a REASON,
it is usually to meet a need you have expressed outwardly or inwardly.
They have come to assist you through a difficulty,
to provide you with guidance and support,
to aid you physically, emotionally, or spiritually.
They may seem like a godsend, and they are.
They are there for the reason you need them to be.
Then, without any wrong -doing on your part or at an inconvenient time,
this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die.
Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up or out and force you to take a stand.
What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled;
their work is done.
The prayer you sent up has been answered and it is now time to move on.

When people come into your life for a
it is because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn.
They may bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it! It is real!
But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons;
those things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person/people (anyway);
and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.
It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Thank you for being a part of my life
you, whom I've already thanked, I will not forget what I've learned from you
my family, I may not show but I love you all as always
my friends, I'm grateful to have met you darlings
my boss, I'm lucky to have met someone who is willing to teach and provide guidance from time to time
and to people who might just be passer-bys in my life,
I will thank you for being a tiny little part of my life too
because, your existence does make a difference in my life, right? =)


I'm still addicted to the sweetest
drUg :)

posted by yiNz aT 4:53 PM | 0 mUaCkS~

11 December, 2009

hello there,
i know i've forgotten bout this dreamland
i'm not a person who is good in writing so u know

just some ramblings..

sadly it always drift ppl apart..
but life's a bitch..
full of farewells..
as the saying goes "people come people go"

what can we do?
tears.. at the very moment
later on, life goes on as if that didnt happen or its so yesterday
but in fact it's really saddening that the journey was so short
so short that sometimes ur trying so hard to recall a certain occasion
because too many things happening in our life

well, of course ppl who stand an important role will never be easily forgotten
but things arent the same anymore...

what i want for x'mas wont come through...

posted by yiNz aT 1:32 AM | 0 mUaCkS~

12 January, 2009

hello lil bloggie,
i dun miss u, u dun miss me either rite : )


its sickening
reality always sliding upside down
mask stays on the face nearly every min
dramas never failed to replay

but well, sun is smiling on the other side : )
rainbow is stretching its fingers next to the smile..
stars are greeting with its bling bling...

sometimes in the winds of change we find our true direction..

posted by yiNz aT 11:41 PM | 1 mUaCkS~

04 December, 2008

the immortal love...

Robert Thomas-Pattinson (born 13 May 1986) is an English actor, model, and musician, best known for playing Edward Cullen in the film adaptation of Twilight, based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer, and Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American film and television actress. She is known for roles in the films Twilight, Panic Room, Zathura, In the Land of Women, The Messengers, Catch That Kid, and the critically acclaimed Into the Wild.

Ashley Michele Greene (born February 21, 1987) is an American television and film actress and model.

adapted from Wikipedia

Robert Pattinson looks familiar but i couldnt recall
and thanks to Wikipedia, to my surprise, he was Cedric in Harry Potter!

there's something in him which attractS me, indescribable man!

Kristen Stewart is soOoooo young, 3 yrs younger than me?!? how can this happen??
hahahha, oh well, she's pretty..pretty talented : )
oh my, she was the daughter of Jodie Foster in Panic Room...
no wonder so familiar..even her dad in da movie looks familiar...

i like Alice Cullen, played by Ashley Greene too coz she's hoTttt..
she has her own style hehheheh

so far, i think the characterS and storyline are incredible which is why i love the peepS in this movie especially this lovebirds, sucha sweEt couple they are : )
i hope they could be a lovely couple in real life, they'll have my moral support heheheh

besides that, a continuation is planned to be showed in 2010 (hopefully) where they gonna continue carrying their characters in the new movie, New Moon..

cant wait to read the books,
regretted for changing my mind of not buying the books and not trusting the review :'(

gosh, another few hours time til working hours
kat is on her way back, whEeee...

posted by yiNz aT 4:12 AM | 0 mUaCkS~

thougths are flying...

sry for the lack of update..
blogging drains all my energy n kills my brain cells wahahahaha
dun bother checking out any updates in my blog, weird huh

back to EL again this hol...after nearly 2 yrs..
same friendly & lovely peeps...but some unknown-unfriendly peeps..
anyhow there's something bout the company which makes me stay although the pay is not desirable, transportation get a tad troublesome at times (remb my rant on ktm?)..could be a tad boring at times..
well, *optimism* it cant be that bad since midV is juz a few stepS away..though nth to shop there

at the same time, i'm helping FJ Ben too
during the FJB warehouse sales,
i could see how crazee these ppl could go (although i couldnt resists the temptation too)
its a pretty good buy but ur $$$ goes negative when u see lotsa cheap stuffs
bout 2.6k peeps on the 1st day (frens & family) and 2nd day by invitation
but apparently the figure was much lower than previous ones, recession ar..
well, i couldnt imagine the crowd during the 2 open-to-public-days
the staffs are so pitiful.. *pat*

and i got to know this lovely darling Samantha,
which happen to be my cousin's ex-primary & secondary classmate
i enjoyed working wif them,
Cindy, Sam, Jeanine, Adeline, Brian, Leong n some of them whom i dunno their name..
they're really nice n i was pretty well taken care of..
gonna see them again next week..wHeeeEe : )

anyway, work @ EL today is not that bad
simple task & lunchie wif LaMer peepS - frEeee
oh yeah, one thing bout working there now is...
bobbi brown's marketing missy has the same name as ME!!! tell me wats da odds man..
i try not to answer when they're calling yin yin.. coz we're in da same room..
thats why Lil Kim made wrong calls n text in da past..only twice lar hehehhe

on the way to hunt for dinner,
met David @ M shop (its blardy exp & owned by Melium, dun be fooled by its name!)
and Sherman wif ahem...
so settled with Fong Lye, my second visit.. muz give it a try
especially their sweet potato balls, where bOss (mR B) & uncLe thOo (mR C) kept making fun of me
and fried chicken..lazy to comment bout others..

and i have NEVER laughed this much since a period of time..as most of u know my laughing gas struck anytime..
the after effect fr last nite? was the alcohol still stays in me since last nite?!?
i couldnt have any sleep even wif 5 hours left, thanks to da stewpit alcohol
"THANKS" ELLE & LANEY!!! the last min drinking session, wiLd but we had fun :P
luckily i'm still able to work..probably the alco has kept me awake
i reckon i might be a pig in da cinema but it proved me wrong : D

it was our first time in GSC signature
unlike mister kaya aDam mOo moO
Twilight, is really good..
something diff fr the usual lovey dovey love story despite the suspense and kena potong parts -_-"

but...i felt a tad of sadness in that movie..
could it have been the movie? or ?...

ps: i'm saved, i dun have to delay my studies again
although i'm kinda afraid of future working life

posted by yiNz aT 2:34 AM | 0 mUaCkS~

07 November, 2008

i'm done!!! yAyyy,,
the happiest last day (of exam) i ever had in monash, i think
partly becoz the paper wasnt as tough as last yr's paper
pls dun fail man, or else i'll juz commit suicide man hehehhehe
hmMm..kinda worry bout other sub though
but then...its time to HAVE FUN and worry bout that later :P
i've been waiting for this day for a loooooonng time man

i reckon my brain was a lil tension throughout this period
and now, it has loosen up abit but here comes migraine -_-"
the exam atmosphere and tension really cracks us up
and fattens me!!! although not much food trip this time round

but this
revision camp requires lotsa food inputs to generates the brain
it makes me miss home, especially my bed!!! *sleep deprived*
i shall rest n have enuff of my warmy home *hibernate*
then "scratch" my hands and legs
@ da malls : P

anyway, tried this pork noodles @ taman bahagia, very near to the lrt station
however, i prefer the pork ball noodle we had in usj that day
today's is so oily and...i dun like liver!

raNdom RANDOM randOm...lalalalalala
wat da heck, my phone is associated wif BOND! -_-"
well, no interested to watch it though hahahhaha
stewpiak han ming n yan hoe tried to tempt us to watch QoS:007 after their
treasury paper when we were battling wif performance,
hmph, no scare wif our strong will power
but then, it's da sub which scares us...
nevermind, its OVER!-!

all my series n novels, here i come!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

pls shoo the haggard-ness away, Zzzz...

posted by yiNz aT 7:34 PM | 1 mUaCkS~

30 September, 2008

oral test (viva) was bad..
i can only hope for a pass which i doubt bout it
wasnt nervous n ques seems pretty easy
but the brain juz couldnt pick out all the info

but mkt planning is awaiting me rite now *sobsob*
why lar why...

we went to times square last fri to check out the Sony cRazEe skinny T launch
tot there wasnt any queue/crowd but mana tau..
there were at least 20-30 peeps sitting around the entrance
the reason being..it goes from $8 to $888,
how could anybody resist the temptation of such gimmick
but..think wisely, the time u spend over there..is priceless :P

take a look at the pics *click*

so we headed to jln alor for F O O D :P
and i went swimming wif the two funny dudeS yest, silly incident ROFL
i'll update the pics other time k heheheh

am so sleepy rite now..
waiting for yc session...

Selamat Hari Raya peeps : )

banyak early lar raya ini heheheh, enjoy ur hol!
sigh, i missed the Ramadhan bazaar, foOD! : (

ps: i nearly - wanted to chop my hair HAHAHAH

posted by yiNz aT 8:52 PM | 1 mUaCkS~

28 September, 2008

i'm so sick of ppl's nonsense..
especially those who say things that are not constructive
but demotivates u even though they might not have the intention to say that
or they're juz making fun of u...

besides that,
people tend to judge the book by its cover
we do that at times, unintentionally
some of them do not realised what the consequence could be
well, the society does hold some responsibilities for it...

i wouldnt care much but just ignore it..
what can i do..what can i say..
nothing can change their perception / mindset anyway..
whats the point of explaining..debating..

ignorance...will do its job

posted by yiNz aT 9:26 PM | 2 mUaCkS~

25 September, 2008

gosh, oral test in another 2 hours time
i'm not well prepared AT ALL!
why am i always so chillax?
its scary wey...

but i reckon i'm gonna be so nervous later..
facing the panels and a video cam! so stu..
thank god its marketing and not accounting..if not GG-ied :/

yes i'm loving my new toy hehehheh : )
so do my darl chicaS <3

posted by yiNz aT 1:10 PM | 0 mUaCkS~

23 September, 2008


i wonder who will be the first to notice this post, which comes after ages : )

yes, i've abandoned it for a long time..

am sucha lazy person to update...

moreover, i hav nth interesting to update :P

lil updates during the period..

i. i'm now miles apart with my other half, heartache
farewells again and again.. :'(
i miss everybody...especially my darlingS

ii. hair grew longer?

but i'm getting bored of it..Zzzz..

iii. third yr subs..tougher..especially marketing planning : (
torture fr monash as usual?

iv. many ppl have turned 21..so do i in few months time
getting older, becoming wiser? but more responsibilities as well?

v. makan tripS.. tried many nice n sucky food :/
but couldnt explore much right now due to assignm..exams..presentations..

wat else..

i'm having
STML at times..
and it seems to get worse everyday..

but no worries darlings, i'll never forget u all <3 style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">


there are so many things running in my mind...

posted by yiNz aT 8:01 PM | 5 mUaCkS~

19 February, 2008

Wheeee... Testing.. Testing........ Wheeeeeeeeeeeee..
This is what happens when Im sharing blog with Yinz.

-baby adorable emo elmo rice-

posted by Kathryn aT 5:13 PM | 2 mUaCkS~

01 February, 2008

Yinz and I have super birght hair now :) :)
What to do, BFF mar. I got near to blond hair, she gotto match my hair color as well right ;)

posted by Kathryn aT 8:35 PM | 0 mUaCkS~

25 January, 2008

sorry peeps,
there wont be any updates any time soon


my comp & modem D-I-E-D!

waiting for mr IT guy to help me fix it

be patient :)

ps: CNY is comin soooooN
but exam is LAGI soooooooooooN :(

posted by yiNz aT 10:43 AM | 0 mUaCkS~

20 January, 2008

What is marketing?

1. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: "I am very rich. Marry me!" - That's Direct Marketing"

2. You're at a party with a bunch of friends and see a gorgeous girl. One of your friends goes up to her and pointing at you says: "He's very rich. "Marry him." -That's Advertising"

3. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and get her telephone number. The next day, you call and say: "Hi, I'm very rich. "Marry me - That's Telemarketing"

4. You're at a party and see gorgeous girl. You get up and straighten your tie, you walk up to her and pour her a drink, you open the door (of the car)for her, pick up her bag after she drops it, offer her ride and then say:"By the way, I'm rich. Will you "Marry Me?" - That's Public Relations"

5. You're at a party and see gorgeous girl. She walks up to you and says:"You are very rich! "Can you marry ! me?" - That's Brand Recognition"

6. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: "I am very rich. Marry me!" She gives you a nice hard slap on your face. - "That's Customer Feedback"

7. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: "I am very rich. Marry me!" And she introduces you to her husband. - "That's demand and supply gap"

8. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and before you say anything, another person come and tell her: "I'm rich. Will you marry me?" and she goes with him - "That's competition eating into your market share"

9. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and before you say: "I'm rich, Marry me!" your wife arrives. - "That's restriction for entering new markets"

source: Funlock.com

posted by yiNz aT 4:16 AM | 2 mUaCkS~

18 January, 2008

hahahah yun said i post lotsa pics
i'm pretty sure its much better than reading all my craps rite :P
like wat they always reply, my blog ur blog?!? lolz
nolar, i wont be so mean rite hehehhehe

the gang went to adam's hse today to do slides for presentation
hahahha but most of the time spent on poker, aussie open (tennis)..
bryan, mich n i are pretty addicted to poker d :P

recently, i get back in touch with this hot sweetie, suchitra
who is also von's ex-skoolmate, wat a small world man :)
i met her back in 2005 @ EL's make-up event
she's nice n friendly, getting hotter n hotter d man
she won da EL model search, Female Most Gorgeous..*hot chic alert*
gonna meet up wif her sooooon :P

oOo hOoo yun n andy
came by for movie, hahahah
watching at home is pretty comfy as compared to cinema
however, the movie is so slow,
moreover the light is switched off and i was tired (lack of sleep)
so i fell asleep Zzzzz :D

mr sun :)

yeah i juz love to take scenary pic

tryin' out @ topshop
we arent allowed to take pics :P

we were wearing checkered pants :D

foOooos @ brewball, mid v

so green-ish lolz

couldnt take group pic while playing

michy :)

gosh, zhen han's friendly mum is gd in baking..and cooking i reckon heheh
this marble with coffee cake is so addictive man

i'm bored...& cold!!!! :P
mr zh & adam need 2 air-conds -_-"
the other 3 freezing like we're in winter

the 2 famous landmark

i like the background so ignore my face

lazy bum

i like this pic :)
my reflection & da nite view of mid v

muahahahah adam, ur GOOD FREN :P

poolside while waiting for others..so windy...Zzzzz

big (nice) car with small parking space lolz

Labels: ,

posted by yiNz aT 1:47 AM | 2 mUaCkS~

16 January, 2008

lack of Zzzz...
stayed in z.han's place til 1am last nite
then the hungry monsterS wanna eat indon mee -_-"
by the time i reached home, its already 2+

luckily managed to enter hse coz i didnt bring hse keys :P

our slumber style~ working/discussing assign while having fun at the same time, lolz
adam gotta meet his mum at gardens after our dinner,
we decided to walk around mid v too :P

and guess wat,
we had an "adventurous" moment walking to a "secret passage", lolz

guided by our daring babe, mich :P
and ended up with Rendition in front of us hehehhehe
then headed to brewball for foos to wait for mOo moO

gosh, the nite view of KL is soOooo nice
i'm so quite in love with it
zhen han, gimmer ur condo pls? hehehehhe
besides that, i like to walk around bukit bintang around evening and nite time
its so windy...breezy...

anyway, had my late brunch @ kim gary today (yeah, kim gary again..)
ppl around me are never enuff of kim gary :P
bumped into marshie in uni :P
so she n her fren joined us as well
so coincidently, her fren, alex knows mich they all (foosers)
wat a small world man
joanne & yang joined us later on

the gang went to asia (again) without me cOz i need my beauty sleep lolz
but din get to sleep much =/

aiks, i hate driving around housing area in subang
the street light is either very dim or spoiled
so blardy dark..

posted by yiNz aT 11:17 PM | 0 mUaCkS~

poolside party @ sunway club

dydee's 21St :)

sweetie :)


waiting for the late comerS :P

daRLingS :)

candid shot :P

lovely siS or muMmy & daughteR :P

wat are u tryin' to do huh alex yip jia xiang?

silly momentS with the soH Lou chee hou :D

meng terng~

gigi the cutie & chong yap

look at the cutie :P

the pro cameraman ~ her dad

family potrait :)
the pinkY

heheh our cacat-ed face
coz sze put her cammie in da water :D

i din know this was taken lolz
can see my short short legs

photoshooting wif model sZe lolz


muahahahah dy & ju

me & sweetie pieS :)

make a wish, make a wish...
hope ur wishes will be fulfilled my dear gurl :)

posted by yiNz aT 11:46 AM | 0 mUaCkS~

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